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Welcome to Soma’s world!

I feel extremely blessed and humbled by all the love and appreciation that I get from you all. In this competitive and demanding job, it is nothing but your love & support that keeps me going. Creating my own identity has been a long road of ups and downs & today I have only carved a niche in the industry because of my hard-work and the withstanding support of my admirers. It feels good to be complemented on beauty and style but in all humility, I believe that one's nature is one's true identity.

For all of my admirers, who would like to know a little more about me this website of mine reveals the world beyond the cinematic fantasy, Where I share my real life, beyond my reel life, My likes and dislikes, my hobbies and favorite books, What do I love and what do I detest? My deepest secrets and my darkest fears, What makes me cry and what makes me laugh? .


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